Species-area assignment

Please turn in your R code for this assignment to the Dropbox by Tuesday, 13th November.

The assignment:

Required: Add code to the supplied R file to calculate the area and richness of at least 5 regions (at minimum this can be 1 through 5 counties that share boundary)

Optional: Plot these data, fit a linear model (line of best slope) and estimate the intercept and slope

Even more optional: Repeat this exercise for similar areas that are more or less environmentally variable than the original (physiography of county indicated by color of counties in the supplied pdf file) & compare and comment on the slope obtained for both versions

Email Dr Park with any questions/requests for help (attach R file when doing this)

Project 2 – Biodiversity: Instructions

Instructions are here. Each group should share a google doc with instructors no later than Thursday, 18 October 2018. This document is to include the names of team members and 3 proposed research questions listed in order of preference. This document will also serve to document group progress. While project 2 is formally assessed by group presentation, this document will help groups and instructors coordinate research progress.

Revised grade calculation

(also updated in syllabus): Project 1 will only require a written report and project 2 will only require a presentation.

task original scheme revised scheme
quizzes 10 10
exam 1 10 10
exam 2 10 10
final exam 10 15
homework 10 15
participation 10 10
written report(s) 30 15
presentation 10 15

Prep for predator-prey lecture

A reminder that PhD candidate Robbie Richards will be running the class on Tuesday, October 2nd. A message from Robbie below on getting a head start on some homework…

“Please make an attempt to complete questions 2 and 3 from the homework section of the predator-prey reading prior to class on Tuesday. You’ll be comparing your work with a classmate and then we’ll discuss them as a group during class. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!”