Date Chapter Topic
Jan 5 Introduction
Jan 12 Chapters 1-2 What is Ebola / Ebola in East Africa
Jan 19 Chapter 3 Clinical management of Ebola in resource-rich settings
Jan 26* Chapter 4 Modeling the Ebola epidemic
Feb 2 Chapter 5 Outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in Guinea
Feb 9 Chapter 6 Challenges in the management of the West African Ebola outbreak
Feb 16 Chapter 7 Ebola origin stories
Feb 23* Chapter 8 American perceptions of Africa during an Ebola outbreak
Mar 2 Chapter 9 Legal analysis of US pandemic preparedness
Mar 16 Chapter 10 Medical journalism in an age of social media
Mar 23 Chapter 11 Media coverage of Ebola in the digital communication era
Mar 30* Chapter 12 When reassurance doesn’t reassure: Reporters, sources, and Ebola in Dallas
Apr 6 Chapters 13-14 Ethics and Ebola
Apr 13 Chapter 15 History, culture, and social norms: Implications for clinical trials
Apr 20 Chapter 16 Quarantine

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