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Reading for class on March 1

The reading associated with lecture on March 1 (posted late, so don’t worry about reading it before class) is Magori, K. et al. 2011. Decelerating spread of West Nile virus by percolation in a heterogeneous urban landscape.  PLOS Computational Biology 7:e1002104.   The reading for class discussion is Ferguson, N.M., et al. 2016. Benefits and risks of […]

Readings for class on February 15

Required reading Delaney, N.F. et al. 2012. Ultrafast evolution and loss of CRISPRs following a host shift in a novel wildlife pathogen, Mycoplasma gallisepticum. PLOS Genetics 8:e1002511. Supplemental readings Hernandez-Divers, S.M. et al. 2008. Backyard chicken flocks pose a disease risk for Neotropic birds in Costa Rica. Avian Diseases 52: 558-560. Amour, N.K. et al. […]

Reading for class on February 8

Two reading are assigned for February 8. Adelman, J.S. et al. 2015. Feeder use predicts both acquisition and transmission of a contagious pathogen in a North American songbird. Proceedings of the Royal Society, Series B. 282: 282: 20151429. Hawley, D.M. et al.2013. Parallel patterns of increased virulence in a recently emerged wildlife pathogen. PLOS Biology 11(5): e1001570.